Planting from a potted dahlia

It's easy, just be vigilant!

Before planting your dahlia, you will need to prepare it for the outside climate. You can get this done by first placing your plant outdoors in the shade for the first day. For the next 3-4 days gradually increase the amount of sunlight it gets exposed to. Keep it sheltered from the wind and rain, and avoid leaving it outside if there is risk of frost. When planting, dig a hole about 2-3 cm deeper than the height of the pot.

Place your plant inside comfortably and refill carefully, making a mound around the stem in ordert o reinforce it. Plant using the provided stake and thought should be given to even adding a second stake, tying it to the first. Several types of stakes can be used such as a bamboo cane, a piece of wood or a painted metal rod. It is important to stake, as a wilting plant is very difficult or impossible to raise.

After planting, unlike the tuber or bulb, it is important to water frequently, at least 500ml a day at first (500ml). With the root system having been formed inside the pot, it does not yet have the ability to absorb moisture from the surrounding soil. It may take about two weeks before the root system adapts.
Make sure that the risk of frost is gone since dahlias do not tolerate it. If your dahlia has been affected by frost, cut the stems just below the affected (blackened) areas and leave it alone. New stems will reappear soon enough, weather permitting. Flowering will be delayed by several weeks, but you will not have lost your plant.



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