Our Mission

Founded in 2005 by Lilianne Beaupré and Roger Quenneville, St. Anicet Productions is a family owned dahlia and cedar production farm. With 28 years of expertience between them in agriculture, Saint-Anicet Productions has rapidly become one of the most efficient producers in the market.

Over the years, Saint-Anicet Productions has developed the expertise necessary to properly serve its customers from start to finish. The company provides guaranteed quality products at good prices, great variety and diversity of service, as well as quick and efficient delivery.

At Saint-Anicet Productions, we're passionate about what we do and our passion is what drives us to go further. Our motto is to give both high quality at the best prices, something which guides us throughout our work.  We are members of the Quebec Institute for the Development of Ornamental Horticulture (IQDHO) and the Quebec Society of dahlias.

Roger and Liliane

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Productions Saint-Anicet

504 chemin Concession Quesnel
Saint-Anicet, Québec, Canada

Tél: 450.264.4363
Fax: 450.264.6701

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